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Investment objective

The Alpha Australian Small Companies Fund is designed for investors seeking superior long-term returns by investing in an actively managed portfolio of Australian Small Companies shares. It aims to outperform (after fund fees and expenses, and before taxes) the S&P ASX Small Ordinaries Index over rolling 5 to 7 year periods. The Fund may exhibit a relatively benchmark unaware process in pursuit of superior returns - i.e. the Fund may not invest into stocks just because they are in the benchmark. As a result the composition and returns of the portfolio may deviate significantly from that of the benchmark. The Fund will leverage extensively off the proprietary research and view of the Underlying Investment Managers.

Investments held

The Alpha Australian Small Companies Fund gains exposure to predominately small to medium market capitalisation shares listed on the ASX, by investing with Australian Small Companies investment managers.

Minimum suggested investment timeframe

The minimum suggested investment timeframe for the Alpha Australian Small Companies Fund is 5 to 7 years. The minimum suggested timeframe is a general guide only, and does not take into account your individual circumstances. We advise investors to seek financial advice to determine an appropriate investment period for the Alpha Australian Small Companies Fund.

Investment Managers

Investors Mutual Limited (IML) is a specialist Australian Equities Fund Manager, established in 1998. The IML’s investment mantra focuses on Value and Quality stocks and seeks to buy and own companies with a competitive advantage, recurring earnings, capable management and the ability to grow at a reasonable price. IML seeks to minimize downside capture by following a set of disciplined investment principals through all cycles, has a broad cap approach and is prepared to deviate from the index.

Australian Ethical is Australia’s largest dedicated ethical investment and superannuation manager listed on ASX with $2 billion in FUM. The firm’s investment charter seeks to support strong ESG business models that are ethically responsible and promote economic sustainability. The Australian Share Fund invests in companies that are aligned with the Australian Ethical Charter, which addresses labour standards, environmental and social considerations and sets out the types of activities to support and avoid.
OC Fund Management is a specialist Small/Microcap manager which has been in operation since 2000 with over $650 million in funds under management. Copia Investment Partners acts as the strategic partner supporting marketing and distribution. The OC Microcap Fund’s investment philosophy is that equity markets can be emotional, backward looking and inefficient particularly among smaller companies where there can be a lot of market ‘noise’. By exploiting these inefficiencies, OC aims to provide investors with strong long-term capital growth by investing in micro-cap companies with sustainable business models and attractive investment qualities.
Spheria Asset Management is a fundamental-based investment manager with a bottom-up focus specializing in small and microcap companies. The Australian Microcap Fund is an actively managed portfolio investing in a broad range of high quality small companies, predominantly from Australia, where the present value of future free cash flows can be reasonably ascertained and the security is trading at discount to its intrinsic value, subject to certain risk criteria.
Ophir Asset Management

Ophir is a boutique investment firm which invests within the Australian small cap universe specifically outside the top 150 stocks. The co-founders have deep experience in this space having run similar small/microcap strategies which combined with a nimble investment process enables them to quickly capitalise on opportunities to maximise alpha. They are also co-investors in the fund.

BlackRockMacquarie is one of Australia's largest equities managers with over 30 years' experience managing portfolios and a global investment team of over 90 professionals located in Sydney, Hong Kong, New York, Boston and Philadelphia. The Australian small companies team utilises a focused process to identify and build a high conviction portfolio of fast growing stocks through proprietary quantitative screening, company research and changing market dynamics.


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Information on this page is general advice only and is not personal advice. It does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. Please review a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement to determine if this is a suitable investment to meet your needs or speak to your financial adviser before you make any decision to invest.

Funds invested are not guaranteed and their value will rise and fall in line with market forces. Past performance is no guarantee of future return.

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Who should invest?

The Fund is designed for investors seeking exposure to predominately small to medium capitalisation Australian equities with the potential to achieve long term capital growth

Investments held

Predominantly Australian share managed funds


S&P ASX Small Ordinaries Index

Minimum recommended investment time frame

5 to 7 years

Investment manager

Alpha Fund Managers Pty Ltd

Responsible entity

Equity Trustees Limited

Minimum initial investment


Minimum additional investment


Minimum withdrawal


Minimum balance


Withdrawal of monies under normal circumstances

Within 7 days

Valuation frequency


Unit price

Generally determined each business day based on the Net Asset Value of the Fund

Buy/Sell spread

0.35% / 0.35%

Income distribution

Half yearly

Management Fees

0.62% p.a. (including service costs)

Indirect costs

Refer to PDS

Performance fees

Refer to PDS

Date of inception

March 2007

Please refer to the Alpha Fund Series PDS for further information